George Engelbeck

User Interface Researcher/Designer

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Data Warehouse — 2005-2008

The Microsoft SQL Server Management Data Warehouse gives SQL Server Data Base Administrators (DBAs) with an way to collect performance data. The Management Data Warehouse helps DBAs monitor performance and do trend analysis for the SQL Server 2008 instances.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Data Warehouse Prototype


  • Extent SQL Server Management Studio to allow DBAs monitor trends and report on the status of their servers.


  • Needed to developed using SQL Server components.
  • Needed to work within SQL Server Management Studio.


  • DBA requirements gathering focus groups and interviews.
  • Early prototyping the user interface.
  • User walkthroughs of prototypes and preview user interfaces.
  • Iterative prototyping and testing with SQL Server DBAs.


  • Data collectors build using SQL Server functionality for scheduling, collecting data, and reporting.
  • A set of common reports needed by most DBAs.
  • A set-up wizard to configure data collection.
  • Property sheets to re-configure data collection.